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Over the decade, the technology for sea-crossing infrastructures in Korea has made remarkable progress.

Especially, the Choensa Bridge reaching a total length of 7.26km by arranging multi-span suspension bridge and cable-stayed bridge consecutively represents the crystal of super long-span bridge technology. Moreover the refined shape of pylons of the multi-span cable bridges together with the elegance of the pleasing cable layouts become many tourist attraction points.

This bridge was opened in April 2019 after about 10 years of construction. The bridge greatly has improved the accessibility of the southwestern part of Korea where it was difficult to access because nearly a thousand islands were placed randomly. Also, the quality of life of the local people has been greatly improved and thereby the southwestern region can prepare for the 21st century's leap forward.

In 2006, we successfully held the first international Symposium on Sea-Crossing Bridges at Jeollanamdo Provincial Office in order to promote our technical achievements and shape the future of the technology. The 2006 symposium particularly focused on the technical challenges and the development of economic and eco-friendly models. Thirteen years later, then and now, Jeollanamdo located in the southwest of Korea has more than 50 long-span sea-crossing bridges whose lengths sum up over 40km in operation. It is expected to expand to more than 100 bridges in total length of 100km in the near future.

Following the 2006 symposium, the 2019 International Symposium on Sea-Crossing Bridges(2019 ISSB) will be held in the center of sea-crossing bridges Jeollanamdo, South Korea. In this symposium, we will discuss the new challenges we are facing under the theme of “Sea-Crossing Infrastructures in the Digital Era”.

We look forward to meeting you at this 2019 International Symposium on Sea-Crossing Bridges organized by Korean Institute of Bridge and Structural Engineers(KIBSE) and sponsored by Jeollanamdo Province and many other institutes.

Hyun-Moo Koh
Symposium Chair

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