2019 KIBSE OStrA

2019 KIBSE OStrA (KIBSE’s Outstanding Structure Awards; KIBSE OStrA)

The KIBSE’s Outstanding Structure Award was established to recognize exemplary projects that best illustrate superior structural engineering skills including physical structures and the details as well. This is done annually to enhance the true value of various participants who are involved in an exemplary project (i.e., chief engineers, designers, inventors) and to spread the technical knowledge widely. The selection criteria range from structural systems to details: the beauty of the structure itself; the implementation of new structural concepts; new records of the scale; and the novelty of structural systems.

The works selected as 2019 KIBSE’s Outstanding Structure Awards will be on display at this symposium.

The KIBSE OStrA Winners

2018 Grand prize

A cable-stayed bridge with the high and the low of integrated pylon
| Jisan Kim, Jaemin Kim

2017 Gold prize

The Kwanjeong Library of Seoul National University
│ Daewoo E&C

2016 Grand prize

The 3rd Bosphorus Bridge
│ Hyundai E&C

2015 Grand prize

A cable-stayed span of the Kyodong bridge
│ Daewoo E&C

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