Bridge Model Contest


The Bridge Model Contest is organized for middle and high school students, providing engineering education to develop engineering skills as well as thinking ability in the field of bridge construction. It also gives a lot of opportunities for future engineers to understand and learn about bridge construction. It will be a good opportunity to cultivate excellent future human resources with creative thinking in the bridge construction field.
  • One team from middle and high school each will be awarded the Jeollanam-do Province Governor Award and Jeollanam-do Province Superintendent of Education Award.
  • One team from middle and high school each will be awarded the Korean Institute of Bridge and Structural Engineers(KIBSE) President Award.
  • Other awards, such as a prize for participation will be also awarded.

Important Dates

Application and Proposal Submission
Until October 7, 2019
Notification of Acceptance
October 14, 2019
preliminary results will be announced after reviewing the documents.
20 middle school teams and 20 high school teams are going to get to the finals.
Build bridge models: October 24, 2019
10:00-12:00 Orientation
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-15:30 Build bridge models
15:30-17:30 Exhibition & Awards
17:30-17:50 Awards

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