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The technical tour will visit the Cheonsa Bridge and the Chilsan Bridge where both sea-crossing bridge engineering of Korea and the beautiful scenery of Jeollanam-do can be appreciated at a glance. This technical tour is free for all symposium participants, and we encourage everyone to join us for the special opportunity.

The Cheonsa Bridge

This bridge is a sea-crossing bridge that connects Aphae-eup and Amtae-myeon of Shinan-gun of Jeollanam-do. The length and the width of the bridge is 7.26 km and 11.5 m respectively. The construction was started in July 2010 and was opened to the public on April 4th, 2019. The bridge consists of both cable-stayed system and suspension system. The cable-stayed part of the bridge has a span of 1,004 m that represents the 1,004 islands in Shinan-gun. The pylon with a height of 195 m is not only the highest in the world, but also the first tetrahedron diamond pylon. The suspension part of the bridge is the Korea’s first suspension bridge with three pylons and projects the image of an angel’s wings in a symmetric “W” shape, boasting outstanding aesthetic design.

The Chilsan Bridge

This bridge is a concrete cable-stayed sea-crossing bridge, connecting Haejae-myeon of Muan-gun and Yeomsan-myun of Yeonggwang-gun, in Jeollanamdo. As a part of route 77 (national highway), its length is 1.82 km with a width of 11.5 m. The construction of the bridge was started in September 2012 and it is expected to be open later this year. With the opening of the Chilsan Bridge, the South-Western Marine Tourism Belt will be formed. It is expected to be a vital link in the tourism industry that connects Muan, Yeonggwang, Shinan and Mokpo.

Tour Schedule

Friday, Oct 25
13:30-14:30 From Jeollanamdo Provincial Office to “Cheonsa Bridge”
14:30-17:00 Technical Tour - Cheonsa Bridge and Chilsan Bridge
17:00-18:00 From Cilsan Bridge to “Mokpo Station” or “Jeollanamdo Provincial Office

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